Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Almost good to go, but first...

Finally - cracked a problem that's been kicking my ass for the longest time: recording "what you hear" with a FireWire audio interface. Some of you might know that it's all but impossible, even using Virtual Audio Cable, or Total Recorder. Turns out, however, that Goldwave can it, where WaveLab, SoundForge, etc. could not! For anyone else trying this, I can highly recommend this software. It also has some awesome analysis tools.

So the plan is to leave everything recording (camera + screen capture + audio capture) and hopefully be able to provide you guys/non-guys with a good look at the process for writing the album. Granted it might well be me just sitting in a chair going slowly insane but, it might be useful to someone.

So as a little filler in the meantime - and to make up for not having found a place for the FAQ yet - here's a breakdown of what I'll be using!


  • AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4ghz
  • ASUS M4A785TD Evo 785G Mainboard
  • 4GB Kingston DDR3 HyperX
  • Western Digital 649GB SATAII 7200rpm

Audio Interface:

  • M-Audio FW410


  • Beyer DT250 Headphones
  • M-Audio BX5a Monitors


  • Line6 POD X3 + FBV Shortboard


  • Radium 61 MIDI keyboard - now this, is pretty old. I have an Oxygen 25 that's pretty cool, and I'm considering going up to the 49 or 61 key version. It has transport controls for your DAW, and all the controls are high resolution (where currently only my Data Entry slider and Mod Wheel are).


  • Cubase 5.5
  • Record + Reason 4
  • Superior Drummer 2 + Metal Foundry primarily, but I will also be putting the other SDX/EZX's to good use as they were so kindly supplied to me by Toontrack
  • POD Farm 2


  • Ibanez RG2228 / RG1527 / RG7420 / RG7321
  • ESP B155 5 string bass

The BRJ 8 *will* be used in production, just as soon as it gets here. There are also some other exciting things still to come, but more on that later.

That's it for now. The next thing I need to do is try out this capture business. See how it impacts on recording.

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